Program of the Sixth Symposium of the IIfTC

"The Modern Clinical Trial: Is it compatible with Common Sense?"

Friday, September 20, 1991  
  Chairman: M.I.M. Noble
14.00 Welcome and Introduction
14.15 A. Feinstein: Clinical Trials: Problems and Solutions
14.40 Discussion
15.00 K. Schaffner: Introduction to Philosophies of Clinical Trials
15.10 J.B. Kadane: A Clinical Trial Design based on Medical Opinions
15.35 Discussion
16.00 Tea
16.30 S. Barton: AIDS: What lessons can be learnt for Cardiology?
17.15 P. Urbach: The LSE Conference: Statistical problems
17.40 Discussion
19.00 Dinner
Saturday; September 21, 1991  
  Chairman: J. Schaefer
9.00 J. Greenhouse: The role of Meta-Analysis
9.25 Discussion
10.00 D. Evans: Linguistic Perspectives on Scientific Observations
10.25 Discussion
11.00 Coffee
11.40 J. Lubsen: Intention to start versus intention to continue
11.55 Discussion
12.15 R. Farmer: The epidemiology of Psychotherapeutics
12.30 Discussion
13.00 Lunch
  Chairman: W.A. Seed
14.00 General Discussion: "Let's all have a moan about the FDA rules"
14.30 P. Hugenholtz: Matching Clinical Trial Philosophy to Sponsor Requirements
14.55 Discussion
15.15 R. Vos: Sociological and cultural aspects of Clinical Trials
15.40 Discussion
16.00 Tea
16.30 T. Seidenfeld: Some Methodological Aspects Concerning the Clinical Design of Kadane et al.
16.55 Discussion
17.15 J. Cohn: Future advancement of Cardiological Therapies
17.40 Discussion
19.00 Informal Dinner


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