Program of the Fifth Symposium of the IIfTC

"Myocardial Optimisation and Efficiency and its Evolutionary Aspects"

The proceedings of this meeting were published as: "Myocardial Optimization and Efficiency, Evolutionary Aspects and Philosophy of Science Considerations", edited by D. Burkhoff, J. Schaefer, K. Schaffner, D.T. Yue, Darmstadt, 1994. The contents of this book which you will find in the following represent the program of the Fifth Symposium.


Preface V

Participants XV

Welcoming address
Kenner, Th. 1

Introduction - the hierarchy of cardiac function
Burkhoff, D. 3

Philosophical aspects of defining efficiency for biological systems - an introductory overview
Schaffner, K. 7

Efficiency of energy conversion from metabolic substrates to ATP and mechanical and chemiosmotic energy
Kammermeier, H. 15

Efficiency of cardiac muscle: Thermodynamic and statistical mechanical considerations
Backx, P. 21

Optimization of myocardial function
Alpert, N.R., L.A. Mulieri, G. Hasenfuss, C. Holubarsch 29

Ventricular perspective on efficiency
Suga, H., Y. Goto, O. Kawaguchi, K. Hata, T. Takasago, A. Saeki, T.W. Taylor 43

Geodesics as a mechanically optimal fiber geometry for the left ventricle
Horowitz, A., M. Perl, S. Sideman 67

Optimal coupling of the left ventricle with the arterial system
Sunagawa, K., M. Sugimachi, K. Todaka, T. Kobota, K. Hayashida, R. Itaya, C. Akiko, A. Takeshita 75

Myocardial adaptation to stress from the viewpoint of adaptation and development
Hasenfuss, G., L.A. Mulieri, C. Holubarsch, E.M. Blanchard, H. Just, N.R. Alpert 91

Regional blood flow and contractile function: Are they matched in normal, ischemic and reperfused myocardium?
Husch, G., J.D. Schipke 103

Do the cardiac nerves optimise efficiency?
Noble, M.I.M., A. Drake-Holland 121

Myocardial adaptations in advanced age
Lakatta, E.G. 125

Concepts of optimality and efficiency in biology and medicine from the viewpoint of philosophy of science
Deppert, W. 135

Beyond maximizing: Some remarks on optimality and efficiency in the social sciences
Acham, K. 147

Subject index 159

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