Program of the Third Symposium of the IIfTC

"The Methodology of Clinical Hypothesis Testing: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Clinical Problems"

November 18, 1988  
7.00 Reception, Greenville Room, Hilton Inn
8.00 Dinner, Hilton Inn
November 19, 1988  
Morning session: Methodological and Philosophical Issues (Chair: Reidar Lie)
9.00 Welcome and Introduction
Reidar K. Lie, East Carolina University
Jochen Schaefer, IIfTC, FRG
9.15 William Dupont, Ph.D.: Sequential stopping rules and sequentially adjusted F-values. Does one require the other?
9.45 Fred Gifford, Ph.D.: Stopping rules: An assessment of proposals by Meier and Kadane
10.15 Coffee
10.45 Teddy Seidenfeld, Ph.D.: On the ethics of a new clinical trial
11.15 Kenneth Schaffner, M.D., Ph.D.: Statistical and individual concepts of causation
12.00 Luncheon (Brody Building, ECU School of Medicine, 2W-38)
Afternoon session: Clinical experience (Chair: Jochen Schaefer)
13.30 Arthur Moss, M.D.: Interpretation and significance of two or three way interactions in clinical trials
14.00 Bert Spilker, M.D., Ph.D.: Who interprets clinical data: clinician or statistician?
14.30 Larry Friedman, M.D.: Selected design issues in cardiovascular clinical trials
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Franz Ebner, M.D.: Problems in the translation of clinical trials to clinical practice
16.00 Rein Vos, M.D.: The paradox of generating and validating clinical hypotheses
16.30 Discussion and concluding remarks
17.15 Transportation back to hotel
19.00 Dinner, King and Queen, 103 Eastbrook Drive
November 20, 1988  
  Discussion (Chair: Kenneth Schaffner)
9.00-11.30 Informal discussions among the participants of the symposium
11.30 Lunch
13.00 Departure from Greenville

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