The Interval-Force Relationship of the Heart: Bowditch Revisited

We want to thank Cambridge University Press for allowing us to post on the Internet the following articles from: M.I.M. Noble and W.A. Seed (eds): The Interval-Force Relationshsip of the Heart: Bowditch Revisited (1992; ISBN 0 521 40022 8). The seminal paper of H.P. Bowditch: "Über die Eigenthümlichkeiten der Reizbarkeit, welche die Muskelfasern des Herzens zeigen". Berichte der Königlich-Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Mathematisch-physische Classe, 23: 652-689 (1871), is often referred to in the modern cardiological and physiological literature, but is probably read only rarely in its original German version. We therefore thought it would be useful to make this paper also available in English translation. The permission from Cambridge University Press includes the following articles:

We also want to thank Prof. Arnold M. Katz and Tim Schaefer for their advice and help in posting the translation of Bowditch's paper on the internet.

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